GlanceVersion 1.26.9
Wall collections I broke some things on the backend, and as a result, I reworked the wallpaper collections to be handled better moving forward.

Updating to 25.8 should fix wallpaper collections. If upgrading doesn't fix it right away, tap here to force a refresh of the config file.
cya, icloud drive migrate your glance dataGlance version 1.26 uses On My iPhone storage instead of iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive caused too many issues with syncing. Using 2 simple steps, you can migrate your Glance instead of starting over. 
1Download version 1.26. No need to run it yet. You can still migrate even if you accidentally run it.
2Tap here to trigger the migration and Glance will move it for you. 
wallpapers Event: Spring WALLS
DOWNLOAD GLANCElast known working version for iOS 15
What's new
  • Birthday glimpse
  • Humidity glimpse
  • Config update interval is now adjusted server-side through config.
  • Wallpaper archive repurposed in to a cache
  • Logic to check
  • Set Reminder label preview length.
  • Reminder glimpse now respects chosen Reminders List in settings.
What's new in 1.26
  • SUNRISE & SUNSETWeather/time wallpaper collections that incorporated sunrise/set wallpapers are now fixed.
  • CITY SPOOFING FIXI've fixed this in a previous version but I believe iCloud Sync caused me to upload an outdated version. It should now actually be fixed.
  • UV INDEX & AVERAGE TEMPWhen making changes during the last minor updates an entire Hourly forecast action went missing and broke some things. I hope I found them all. If you notice any issues with missing data, please report it to me in Discord.
  • HOMESCREEN CREATORChanges the HSC layout action to now pull from 'On My iPhone' now, since HSC now no longer uses iCloud Drive.
  • PRECIPITATION FIXESFix precipitation percentages on iOS 17 and newer moving forward.

    Fixed precipitation's actual value for Glimpses and text.
  • FILE SYSTEMMoved the file system out of iCloud Drive/Shortcuts and in to On My iPhone/

    Improves stability & provides per device support.
  • WEBMigrated config & lang files to AWS for more flexible updating.
getting startedHow to use Glance
  • Download the latest version of Glance above.
  • When the shortcut is added to your, run it to install, and automatically set a new wallpaper using default settings. First run/install may throw out an error, but should be fine after. 
Automate glance Customizing
  • Tap the  tab below, to see how you can customize your Lock and or Home Screens.
  • Tap the  tab below, to browse different themes available.
 Users online
FeaturesList of features Glance is capable of.
  • Dynamic Information based on the time of day
  • Glimpses (complications) for quick at a glance info
  • Wallpaper shuffle
  • Wallpaper events
  • Colorized text
  • Alternate theme placement options
  • Dual wallpaper Blending styles
  • Change Glance Hub icon
  • Effects related to the current weather
  • Dozens of customization options
Getting Errors?
  • Unfortunately the state of iOS 16 for Shortcuts isn't exactly great and likes to throw up errors quite often.
  • For some reason on some versions of iOS, the very first run of Glance may throw out an error as files install but aren't ready to be called immediately. Running Glance a 2nd time should be free from the same error.
  • XPC error is an iOS 16.4/Shortcuts bug and not related to Glance directly. There's no workaround.
  • WeatherDaemon is an Apple server/API error not directly related to Glance. There's no workaround.
  • If you get an error along the lines of not being able to set wallpaper to current Lock Screen its likely because your current Lock Screen isn't a photo Wallpaper and is a live/interactive wallpaper.
This is the name you'd like Glance to greet you as.
Hub Icon
Change the icon for Glance Hub using a WebClip profile.
Theme Position
Widgets position is not supported by TouchID devices.Adjust the position of Glance.
Example: Planning on enjoying media for a while and you want nudge Glance up? Select the Media Mode with the choice to leave the mode active until a specific time or until you turn it off.
Colorize Text
Text will appear see-through to let color from the wallpaper shine through it.
Note: Not all themes support this. Only themes that provide white text, icon and or overlay can utilize this.
Dim Layer
By default Glance themes (per position) may include a dim layer that helps text to be more legible against lighter wallpapers, or to attempt to counter iOS default wallpaper dimming technique.

iOS 16 Lock Screens no longer have this, but Glance/Shortcuts currently can't use iOS 16 Lock Screens for wallpapers. We're stuck with the Legacy Lock Screen that has the dim built in, even though we have a newer clock......Tim Apple, please!
Note: Changing this may have better or worse visuals depending on your needs.
City Alias
Mask your current location's real name with an alias of your choice.
Set Location
Set Glance to use a custom location.
City Temperature
In themes that use Glance's default City display, it can include the temperature next to the city name.
Originally designed for iOS 15, Glimpses provide extra data to your wallpaper.
May interfere with notification count, or active Focus names on iOS 16.

Glimpse: Left
This is the left glimpse that sits next to the flashlight toggle.
Some glimpses include a ring border around them reflecting the percent used in the glimpse.
Weather FX
Adds a subtle backdrop that reflects the current weather condition.
All themes do not support Weather FX.

Lock Screen
This is the source that Glance will pull your Lock Screen wallpapers from.
Curated collection of beautiful wallpapers from Unsplash.
Pulls a random wallpaper from a photo album on your device.
Uses 2 separate photo albums based off which appearance mode your device is currently using. Pulls a random wallpaper from a Light Mode photo album on your device, and a Dark Mode photo album on your device.
Set a search query to use every time Glance runs. Will search Unsplash for whatever subject you'd like.
Select a photo and set it as your wallpaper until you change the Source setting again.
Matches the wallpaper to the current weather condition.
Grabs 2 random photos from an album and blends them together in to one.
Home Screen
This sets the same wallpaper as the Lock Screen to your Home Screen with different options
HomeScreen Creator
Glance supports HomeScreen Creator shortcut layouts. Just save or rename your HomeScreen Creator layout as 'Glance"
Turns off Home Screen wallpaper.
Select an image from your Photo Library for your Home Screen wallpaper.
Set a specific photo album to randomly pull from for Home Screen wallpapers.
Blurs a copy of the Lock Screen wallpaper.
Matches the wallpaper exactly how you see it on Lock Screen. Including Glance information.
Matches the Lock Screen wallpaper.
Will save a copy of the wallpaper to your Shortcuts/Glance/Wallpapers/ in
Will only save a copy if the file doesn't exist. • Won't save copies of images pulled from the, unless you're using Blend wallpapers.
Please be aware that using this feature will take up iPhone storage. It may be best to periodically clear out this folder as needed if storage is limited.

Displays an iOS notification of the information provided by Glance.

Displays an iOS notification of the information provided by Glance.
Custom SoundAfter choosing this option, drop your .mp3 file in Shortcuts/Glance/tones/
and name it 'Custom'
Due to the buggy nature of Shortcuts it sometimes fails to extract and create the filesystem needed to use Glance.
Download the file and manually extract the .zip in to Shortcuts/  folder in iCloud Drive.
Reset Settings
Reset Glance's settings back to default.
You will have to reconfigure everything again. Themes and system files will not be removed.
Reinstall Glance
Use this if you're getting errors after installing Glance. Shortcuts sometimes doesn't extract the Glance files successfully and may need a 2nd attempt.
This will remove all settings, files, themes and other files related to Glance, then attempt to reinstall them. If you're still getting missing file errors after attempting this, try manually downloading and extracting the above.
Uninstall Glance
This will remove all settings, files, themes and other files related to Glance and will set your wallpaper back to default.
Converts precipitation amounts to either millimeters/centimeters or inches.

Converts wind speed amounts to either mph or km/h.

Hour Format
Converts hour format to either 12 (1:00 PM) or 24 (13:00) hour.

High Temp Warning
Themes that use Glance's standard dynamic text can report a high temperature when it reaches a user defined threshold.
Low Temp Warning
Themes that use Glance's standard dynamic text can report a low temperature when it reaches a user defined threshold.
Wind Warning
Themes that use Glance's standard dynamic text can report a wind speed when it reaches a user defined threshold.
Battery Warning
When battery reaches a certain percentage, it will change the color for battery glimpse's ring border if rings are enabled.
UV Index Warning
Themes that use Glance's standard dynamic text can report the UV Index when it reaches a user defined threshold.

Additionally, when the UV Index reaches this number, it will change the color for UV Index glimpse's radial border if enabled..
Glimpse Opacity
Use this to fine tune the opacity in which the background fill for glimpses show. Against some walls it might be too strong, or too dark. Since iOS' blur component is dynamic based and what seems to be based on the contrast behind it, Glance can't dynamically match it.Does not
• adjust the text/glyph opacity
• adjust blur amount or opacity
This may be best used for specific setups with a wallpaper that doesn't change.