MockoVersion 1.4
What's new
  • 1.4: Moved config to another host.
  • Moved file system from iCloud Drive to On My iPhone.
  • Mocko now supports 2 screenshots at once! From share sheet, or from manual select setting.
  • Logic & design: If a border with a white bezel is detected, and notch option is on, notch is transformed to to white to match the match the white bezel.
  • Logic: If large border is detected, and crop is set to default, it will automatically adjust to large crop setting temporarily.
  • Public release.
  • 1.2: Fix for auto pull screenshot not working. Auto delete is now accurate when using 2 shots.
getting startedHow to use Mocko
  • Download the latest version of Mocko above.
  • When the shortcut is added to your, run it to make a quick mockup using default settings. (It will use your latest screenshot automatically)
  • Using the result popup at the end, tap the share    icon to do what you want with it.
  • Tap the  tab below, to see how you can customize your mockup or the functionality of Mocko.
  • Tap the  tab below, to see how you can customize your borders of your mockup.
SHortcut updatesWhat's been added before
version 0.8
  • Select custom image for background
  • Alert pop ups during custom selections
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version 0.7
  • Hub icons
  • Share Sheet input
  • Text watermark opacity & tone
version 0.6
  • Auto delete latest screenshot option
  • Auto save option
  • Text watermark/namedrop under mockup
  • Image watermark/namedrop under mockup
version 0.5
  • Logic: Recognize if new settings are added, and add defaults to user settings.json.
  • Background color match.
  • 'Check for config updates' functionality. It's time interval can be adjusted based on config file. Right now it's set to 5 minutes, since beta tester count is low. When user population grows, I'll most likely adjust it to 1-2 days.
hub updatesWhat's new for customization & settings
Nov 26, 2022
  • Config update to support dual mockups.
  • Border: Pearl-white
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Nov 26, 2022
  • Large crop setting
  • Icon: Gel
  • Border (large): Pearl
  • Border: Onyx
Nov 25, 2022
  • Pro Thin borders
  • Main page update
Nov 23, 2022
  • Refined Dynamic Island
  • Added 14 Pro Max Dynamic Island
Nov 22, 2022
  • Colorful borders
  • Real border previews
Nov 20, 2022
  • Hub Icons
PROmetallic & shiny
PRO Thinthinner version of Pro
Tropicalcolorful gradients
LargeVery thick borders
MOCKupCustomize aspects of the mockup. BackgroundTransparent png background, fill background with the colors of your screenshot or manually select an image. Color Match will add run-time to the process. screenshotAutomatically use the latest screenshot, or choose a photo each run. CROPAdjust the crop size of the final result.If a large border is used, large crop is automatically used instead of default.
Best for most borders.
Best for large, thicker borders.
Full Canvas
Best for long, strong shadows.
Full Canvas
auto SaveSave final output to automatically. auto DELETEDelete latest screenshot after running. Recommended once you know your settings are final. Device borderWill ask you to choose a device border each run. Hub iconAdd new icon for Mocko Hub using a webClip profile.